Friday, August 7, 2009

personal challenge: to design a character/creature daily.


  1. Mr. Bentley,

    Like your artistic style. When time permits please email me. I want to discuss a project idea with you.

    Ua tsaug = Thanks!
    Ua koj tsaug = Thank you!

    -Tzianeng "Taz,"
    TC, MN:

  2. HI DAVE
    i tried to find a way to send you a message
    i was wondering if you have those brushes for sketchbook pro available
    i tried to download the ones in the autodesk website, but all i dowloaded was tiff files
    please let me know how i can get your 50 brushes
    please feel free to email me at
    i barely check my blog here

    thank you for your kind help